Frequently asked questions

Merchants FAQs

Treli is focused on making subscriptions accessible and reliable to merchants and users. We are building the future of recurring relationships and subscription business, so value between customers, merchants and the environment can increase. 

By signing up to Treli, merchants will get an instant and reliable ecommerce and subscription site with all the necessary functionalities to connect with their customers. In less than 5 minutes and at an accesible price.

Merchants will have access to focused settings to create subscription and one-time products.  

There are three types of subscription products that can be configured: 

  1. Memberships: Where you can offer your members access to exclusive perks 
  2. Recurring products: Where you can offer products or boxes to be received frequently
  3. Recurring services: Where you can let your customers subscribe to the regular service you provide

There is no limit for the quantity of products to offer. Merchants can even create personalized subscription products to be used once.

Merchants can sign up for free to Treli. We have a pay as you sell rate of 5% fee. So there are no fixed cost. We will work hard to grow together.

If you feel your business requieres a different pricing, due to high transaction volumes, please contact us at so we can review it.

*Take into account the fee payment gateways usually charge as you choose which one to work with.

We are currently fully integrated with the following payment gateways:

We are working hard and will launch soon more integrations with other payment gateways. Let us know which payment gateway you are mostly interested at

One of the first tools provided to merchants is their Treli shop. An instant, best in class UX/UI shop page to offer and sell their products.

In this shop merchants can personalize their logo, banner, color and products shown to their customers.

Learn more in the Getting Started with Treli documents!

In addition to the Treli shop, merchants will be able to:

  • Share their shop and products instantly via Whatsapp and social media to increase conversions
  • Have access to an instant subscription URL-generator so they can sell personalized subscriptions to customers in more traditional channels 
  • Membership validator via QR to confirm costumers that are subscribed to plans that can be used in physical stores
  • Offer discounts and coupons to engage more customers
  • Data and analytics of the sales, subscriptions, customers, products and more
  • Connect to email marketing platforms as Mailchimp or Klaviyo
  • Others…

We are working hard to offer other tools merchants and customers can use to have a great recurring relationship together.

Let us know other great ideas we must include at

Users FAQs

At Treli we have identified the pain points customers have interacting and controlling their subscriptions. That’s why we have worked hard on building tools merchants can instantly offer to their customers so they can build a trustworthy and reliable relationship.

With Treli customers can: 

  1. Have true control of their subscription with an account dashboard where they can swap, advance, pause or make one-time purchases
  2. Have all their subscriptions handled in one place with their Treli cross-merchant account. This way customers don’t have to remember multiple passwords for different active subscriptions and can access their information easily
  3. Save their payment methods securely for future purchases
  4. Save multiple addresses for different subscriptions or one-time purchases

We are working hard to keep rolling out more tools and functionalities for both customers and merchants!

Yes. By subscribing you are required to add a credit card and create an account that will be billed in the chosen frequency of the product bought. 

Customers have control of their subscriptions in their accounts where they can pause or cancel their active susbcriptions to opt out.

You can change your password in the login page of any powered Treli shop. An email will be sent to the configured account so the password can be easily changed.

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Please email us at and we will be happy to help. We may include your question to the FAQs to help other users!